Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all our friends!!

As you know, mama has been getting quite bold about coming close. She'll dive into a bowl of milk substitute before I've even removed my hand from the bowl. And she's even dithered a time or two about approaching my outstretched hand for petting.

Today we did a special dinner for mom. Oh it starts out well enough, with Mama Lucia thinking she can enjoy her treat. Her children politely partake from the edges if the plate. You will note Lessa, uninterested in sharing the repast:

Soon our littlest girl decides she's being left out and comes closer to observe.

But it is not food in which she is interested... it's time to PLAY! With Mommy's tail!! A bold ambush and she's got it! Is it any wonder that mama remains a bit wary?
Here's hoping you children out there showed your mom's a bit more respect!

Next a quick video of the meal. Given it was Mother's day, I decided they could share a can of real tuna on this special day (much beloved, but not particularly good for them). I apologize for the state of the casa. I can't vacuum - mom goes bonker nuts - so I wipe up the tile floor daily and a couple of times a week I drag a damp washcloth across the carpet to get up the shreds of hemp the kittens seem to drag everywhere. Unfortunately, the last wipe was last night and the last carpet cleaning Friday. You can see how quickly the little buggers can trash the place 'cause on a video I can't photoshop the mess out! LOL!

And we'll leave you with a shot of the daily shoe lace attack. Yes, those laces will be brought to submission, yet!


  1. Such exciting progress with mama kitty! And wow, those kittens are adorable. Those pointy little tails!

  2. We are so glad Mama is getting so bold. :) And LOVE the video ... MOL about not being able to photoshop it!

    Happy Mother's Day, dear friends!

  3. So cute! Glad to catch up with everyone. Laces are always fun to play with.

    Hope you had a terrific weekend my friend!
    xo Catherine

  4. Such cuties! Mom sure had a lovely day with the tuna, I'm sure.

    Laces are great on shoes, but 9 prefers the laces on my jackets... sigh

  5. Took me back. When mine were 8 weeks old, they could spend at least an hour every morning working on a New Balance: the loop on the heel; the tongue; the laces; 1 inside & 1 outside; turned on it's side as a barrier between them.

    Today, they turned 8 yrs. old and are just as captivating.

  6. Don't worry about a bit of a mess: we'll be watching the cats, not the dust bunnies. :-)

    What a beautiful sleek mama she is! So nice to see her properly, I'm glad she's gained so much confidence that she could concentrate on eating while you filmed.

  7. They are all so very cute! I hope everyone had a happy Mother's Day!!!

  8. Awwwww .. a lovely post. Happy Mother's Day to you!

  9. I am very familliar with the battle of the shoelaces! How cute is it! :)



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