Thursday, April 21, 2011

When it Rains, it Pours!

Oh my! There's a new face at the Casa. I'm feeling a little guilty 'cause I told the Cat Ladies of Ednor Gardens I would not be able to take their two little ferals - just not enough room at the Casa* or enough of my time to go around. And then Tang came along. The difference is that he's been through quarantine already and we know he's good with people and other animals, so he'll be able to join the General Population in a couple of days, rather than needing digs of his own, and a lot of attention to socialize him.

* Trudy and Lawrie are still here, too. Dad Ricky is moving and it is taking longer than planned. So as not to upset them with the turmoil, they're going to stay with me until the new digs are ready. I, of course, was thrilled. They get along so well with Bitty, Peggy Sue, Sophie and even Annie! But, with six in residence, I hate to shut off another room now that the basement is occupied with mama the babies (who are doing just great, btw). This is a little house! LOL!

Tang, just back from his neuter:

Here's his story: Co-worker Karen found Tang on her property. Poor guy was pretty beaten up and nothing but skin and bones. She and her daughter, Lexi, watched over his wounds and helped him put a little weight on. Sadly, she can't keep him - she's already got 5 cats and a slew of dogs. So we went off to Doc Andrew, got him his tests (FeLV and FIV both negative! Yay!) and his shots last week. Today was his neuter and he came home to the Casa. He'll be in my bedroom for a couple of days, while he recuperates from the surgery.

Karen reports he's a super lover boy, very tolerant and not aggressive with other critters. He's only been here a few hours and I can vouch for that. OMG! Does that cat love lovin'!! I'm gonna have me a snuggler for sure! Turns out Annie was hiding in my room when I thought it was empty and when they met, after a perfunctory hiss from her, they pretty much ignored one another in an easy sort of way - a very good start. Here's a little footage of his first day with us:

Now, we didn't know what to call him and vet tech, Jenn, suggested Tang because of his coloring. I'm not really sure he's a Tang. Over the next few days I'll gladly take suggestions and we'll do another random drawing to christen him! No shakedown this time... LOL! (You didn't mind, did you? The raffle to name the babies was for a good cause!) To name our boy, just leave a comment between now and next Tuesday, with the name you like, and we'll pull one out of the hat next Wednesday, OK?

Sorry I did not get around to visit today... I've kinda been otherwise occupied. But tomorrow, I'm looking forward to finding out what you've been up to! I miss you guys!!!


  1. Oh he looks super sweet!!! I think he could be a Viggo or a Strider. Very heroic names, but they have their loving, artistic sides too!

  2. Awwww ... it is wonderful to see "tang" looking so healthy after his terrible experience. Cat Rescue rocks. Fanks.

    We think he should be called Simon since it is Easter. It is said that SIMON of Cyrene – Helped Jesus to carry the cross.

    Happy Easter dear friends!
    Love Milo and Alfie xx

  3. He's so cute and cuddly! How lucky that he found good people to take care of him and ended up at the Casa!
    The only name I can think of for the moment is Jack... which isn't very original. (Sorry!)

  4. We kinda like Tang. Maybe Tango??

    He sounds like a great guy and very lucky to have found such a great group of ladies to help him out.

  5. With that shock of red hair at the top and the "freckles" I'm thinking Opie from Andy Griffith. :-)

  6. He's adorable, and we are sure glad he ended up at the Casa! :)

    I'm not sure why, but he sort of looks like an "Oliver" to me.

    Thanks for your awesome work. Have a great Easter weekend!

  7. I don't know what Tang's new name will be, but he sure does have a beautiful smile!

  8. Love Opie! My first thought was Alfred E. Neuman (sp) but Opie is way more adorable.

    Am I adding correctly? You have 12 cats in the Casa right now? It's Spring!

  9. I'm fond of the name Ferdinand, 'cause he reminds me of a "Ferdie" we had at the shelter where I used to volunteer.

  10. Hey this is Alexa, Karen's daughter! I was just checking in to see how he was doing, and he looks pretty relaxed! I'm glad he has a good home, and thank you so much for taking him in! I wanted the name "Ethan" for him, but my brother was fighting for the name "James"...just a little recommendation for a name for him! Once again, thank you for all you have done!

  11. He is such a handsome devil! What a character - I can tell even as he is dopey from the meds!

    Dont count me in on the naming sweepstakes, because I kinda like Simon, as the Marshalls suggested.

    Hope everything is going ok - last time you were AWOL we later learned you were in the hospital!


  12. Woo hoo, another handsome orange boy! Love his sweet face and love that he's so lovey dovey :) I'm going with Marlene on the names, Viggo would be so cool :)

  13. I think Tang is a fine name for him! He looks like a big loveable doofus of a cat.

  14. Looks like a "Wayne" to me. :) Looks like a big mellow guy, glad he gets to live the good life inside now!

  15. You should have heard our mum squee at Tang's mancatlyness! :)

    We think that he'd be good as a Leo. He reminds mum of a kitteh she knew that looked like him and was called Leo.



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