Friday, April 22, 2011

Some Baby Bellies

Hi folks, been busy introducing Tang to the gang tonight. He escaped from the bedroom enough times that I just gave up on keeping him separated for two days. He is very good with other critters. The only hissing has been from my guys - and then everything seems to be OK with everyone ignoring one another. Boy, oh boy, does he still smell like a mancat, though! I remember the last time I had a full grown, intact male, it took weeks for the scent to die down after his neuter!

Luckily, there was this quick little belly video in the can already so I can give you that!

Oh, and I posted the new Easter Simon's Cat video earlier this evening (below!).


  1. My head just exploded from all this cuteness...those kittens are just all so do you get anything done? I'd just sit and stare at them all day long :)

    Oh that intact male smell is awfully strong...when Gambino was first rescued and neutered he stunk for weeks...he was a tiny smelly thug :) Thank goodness it goes away after a while!

  2. Kitten belly! So cute our mom can hardly stand it!

  3. Gotta love those babies fur sure! I'm glad Tang is getting along, you said he was a love bug!

  4. Great kittie bellies! That little girl looks like she has a zipper on hers! They are getting so big - wont all fit in the boat soon!

    Glad Tang is settling in. Such a cute mancat!



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