Sunday, April 24, 2011

Chilling with Tang, Progress with Mama, and the New & Improved Casa Space Paws

And a very good Easter it was! Lots of time with my family AND a breakthrough with Mama Lucia AND peace at the Casa! And enough time to upload the tour of the new & improved Casa.

First, peace at the Casa: By this morning all the hissing and growling and posturing was over and everyone was getting along as though Tang had been part of the bunch forever. Well, almost. Occasionally someone will look a bit wary, but no vocalizations and no action... just watchfulness. I'm thinking this is about as good as anyone could expect after adding a newly altered (and still stinky) mancat to the mix. Sophie, who likes boys, if you'll remember, will go right up to Tang now and put her nose in his face. We'll keep you posted on developments there.

Tang chilling on the kitchen hammik.

Next, Mama relaxes: This morning I was petting a boatload of sleeping babies - they'd chosen the little red boat to curl up in - and who strolls out from under the bed and starts chowing down as if I wasn't there at all?? Why, yes! Mama Lucia! And when she was done she strolled back under the bed and settled down to watch me pet her children. The key word here - stroll - not snuck out, not slunk out... strolled out... leisurely! I am very encouraged by this behavior from our little mama. Meanwhile, her babies are as happy as can be:

And, lastly, a couple of days ago the magic confluence occurred. A sunny day, a relatively clean house (pay no attention to the clutter on the island) and enough time to film. So after all this time, I am pleased to present, the new and improved Casa Space Paws! Told you it's a little house!


  1. Happy Easter from the Katnip Lounge!

    We love your blog!

  2. The Casa may be small, but we love it (and the work you are doing there)!

    Sounds like it as a wonderful Easter, indeed. :) And Sophie is BRAVE!

    Have a great night, friends!

  3. looks like a great day! Did you make the roman shade(s)?

  4. OMG..Gurl...I have an itty bitty galley have a friggan boat..I am sooooo jealous....and a tv..thunk..I am soo happy for you..even though I am a bitty bit jealous.

    Lub to all

    Aunty Pol

  5. Oh my Bast....My bebe Lessa...Well of course she would be the brave bebe explorer !

    Aunty Pol Loves the bebes

    Hugs and teeny headbutts.


  6. LOVE the house, it is cute and adorable, and has POCKET DOORS!!! omg I'm so in love. and that cat walkway / tree. inspired. I'm gushing, I'm sorry, but if your home was a person it would be my new best friend (please dont think I'm completely crazy)

    so happy to hear about Mama Lucia too. I hope she was just being a momma grizzly before and will turn into a loving kitty once her kittens annoy her enough for her to be done with them.

  7. The Casa looks terrific :). Love how everything fits so perfectly -- such well planned space.

    Hello to Tang and the GP. Glad the integration is going well!

  8. Lve the babies and love love love your house!!!!

  9. What a great Casa! We love the tiny kitty head peaking over the chair at the end of the video.

  10. The casa is awesome. But wot's more impawtant is it has cats in it, so it's not just a casa, it's a home!

    We hope yoo all had a really super Easter!

    Love Milo and Alfie xx

  11. Hooray for everyone getting along and way to go Mama! Those babies are so cute. The casa looks great and thanks for giving us a tour!

  12. Yay for a great post with terrific news!

    The casa looks fantastic, not really small by our standards. And the kitchen is amazing--the mom especially loves that island with all the drawers below. She has island-envy! There's no where in our townhouse for anything like that at all, just a small cooking area!

    Splendid job....Care to come here and help us now? LOL.

    -Fuzzy Tales

  13. The Casa is such a lovely, inviting home! Terrific kitchen!
    Those babies get cuter every time we see them, don't they? And it's wonderful that Mama Lucia is finally relaxing around you. Great news all around!

  14. Loved your new Casa!! Loved your new kitchen, your doors, your living room - everything!! Beautiful!!! Yay!!!!!!

    Awwww great to see Mama Lucia's babies being so adorable!!! They are so lively!

    And great to see Tang settling in!! Take care

  15. The remodel looks great--very warm and cozy. Glad to hear good news on the feline front, too!

  16. What good news about the calm in the house - always a nice thing to have! And it looks great by the way - the remodel is beautiful. And baby cats - well they are always just awesome!



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