Friday, April 15, 2011

Blog the Change for Animals

So, what cause do we feel strongly about? Well, maybe it could be called "Trying to Make a Difference in Your Little Corner of the Universe." Nope, we can't save the world. But we CAN try to be guided by the starfish principle - we can make a difference for the one.

The folks I'd like to call out today quietly operate under the radar, trying to make a difference in their little neighborhood. They're shy, unsung heroes... kind of like the many Institute people who you've never met, who have been doing animal rescue in their own back yards for years longer than I've even been at the 'tute.

Today I'd like to honor the Cat Ladies of Ednor Gardens. No, that's not their "official" name or anything - it's how I've come to think of them. I have no pictures, nothing to show you. 'Tute staffer Sara lives in the Gardens and put me in touch with Margaret, who introduced me to Jeanne, the lady who finally was able to scoop up the elusive LBC (currently being fostered at the Casa), and Linda, who is very close to taking in two of LBC'S previous litter. I've had the pleasure of conversing with each of these women and was just blown away by their dedication to making the lives of the ferals in their neighborhood healthier and happier - and to getting as many as possible into homes. And refreshingly, they don't seem to think they're doing anything special... just what needs to be done. With amazing amounts of patience and perseverance. It took sixteen months to bring in LBC but they never stopped trying.

Like us, they're not a "formal" anything. But while talking to them and sharing stories, I realized I'd lost count of how many cat's lives they've touched and how many they've managed to save and, most remarkably, how many they've socialized and homed.

Right now, Margaret has a feral queen Gracie, who she plans to keep and socialize after Gracie's litter is grown. So, today I'd like to ask our Baltimore readers to consider helping their efforts. Could you make a point of mentioning to people you know that Gracie's babies will be ready for homes? If each of our readers mentions the story of the Cat Ladies of Ednor Gardens to just one person each day for the next six weeks, I'll bet this little litter will have furever homes to go to when they are ready. And you will have made a difference in your little corner of the universe.

Yes, I'll ask Margaret for pics to help, but it's the word of mouth, one person supporting another that makes so much difference! You are welcome to put anyone who has interest in touch with me at hubblespacepaws at gmail dot com, and I'll pass the word to Margaret.

So, to everyone who tries to make a bit of a difference, be it for the many or the one, I salute you!

Folks who are Blogging the Change:


  1. Kudos to the Cat Ladies! Their work is not easy, and it's never done. And they do it for nothing other than for their love of the cats - true heroes!! And you, too, for working so diligently to find homes for all these deserving kitties.

    Thank you for blogging the change!

    Kim Thomas from

  2. Thank you to the Cat Ladies, and thank you for telling us about them!

  3. I just love those cat ladies, here, there and everywhere!

  4. Great BtC post - yay for the cat ladies!

  5. Thank you, Lisa, for helping out my neighborhood's cat ladies. It's a great wee little hood, with a lot of people dedicated to making it better for felines and other -ines alike. (Except maybe the alley rats. We like the hawk that got one the other day!)



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