Saturday, March 19, 2011

A trip to the V-E-T

Oh, come on now. Don't tell me your cats haven't figured that one out! Mine sure have!

I leave the carriers out days ahead of time. They don't fall for that one, either. The minute I walk in the house, all I see are stray hairs, dancing in the sunbeams.

But, usually we manage to round everyone up and head out in time - although sometimes, in the ruckus, I forget the camera - like I did this time (cell phone to the rescue... again!). Sophie and Annie were up for this visit. For Sophie, it was to make sure everything was OK and she is just being a little chowhound. You see her belly is quite... errrr... ummmm... big. Smooshy-fatty and that had me a little worried.

For Annie, it was because she's become quite anxious since Grey and Winnie died. Her anxiety level went up markedly after each passing and now, months later, she still isn't back to her regular self. Mind you, "regular" Annie is still quite easy to startle and hyperactive. One of her nicknames is "Squirrelette" for a reason. Extra attention has not calmed her down in the least. She was very attached to Grey (never mind that the love was unrequited - she seemed happier when he was around than ever in her life) and Winnie was her rock the entire 11 years she's been with us, so losing them so close to one another was tough for her, I think.

There's not enough room for the two of us to hide back here... quick! Plan B!

If I stay really, really still they won't see me. You see their visual acuity is based on motion. Wait a minute... dang, that's me not them!

AAAAGGH! He's KILLING ME!!! Let me OUT of here!!!

I don't know what she's screaming about. All he did is mush my tummy, stick that stick up my bottom, the cold thingy on my chest, peer in my mouth and eyes and ears. Not so bad. I think I'll go to sleep now.

As usual, once Doc Andrew got his hands on her, Sophie chilled out. No fussing about anything. And she did, indeed, appear to zzzz out on the table, right in the middle of Annie's exam. Doc says she's just chubby so we'll keep an eye on it and try to get her more exercise. She's only 8 pounds, but that's a lot for her tiny frame - seriously! She's mostly fur!

Annie, on the other hand, went into frenzy mode. Neither Doc nor I like medicating more than necessary, but Doc agrees, she's one strung out kitteh, nerve wise. She's going to be on Prozac for a couple of months to see if that will snap her out of this - apparently anxiety can become self feeding and sometimes just breaking the cycle will do the trick. If she responds and stays calm for a while, hopefully we can wean her off of it.

No word on Wally... it looks like this is going to take longer than we thought!


  1. I love that Sophie is so at home that she is eating so well. Chubbette, indeed!

    Gentle hugs to Annie, who misses her Winnie and Grey.

    It's terrific you have such a caring and skilled vet in Doc Andrew!

  2. Poor Annie... as a Highly Sensitive Person myself, I can definitely sympathize with being a little high-strung under the best of circumstances, and a real basket-case when things get tough. (And, incidentally, High Sensitivity occurs in about the same proportion--20% of the total--in all higher mammals, not just humans, so maybe she and I actually have that in common in truth!)

    Anyway, I hope the meds do the trick for her... and have you tried Rescue Remedy on any of your cats? It works better on some than others from what little I've heard, but it sure helps smooth things out for me when I'm really feeling frazzled, so it might be worth looking into.

  3. I NEVER know when I am going to the vet - my human sneaks out the carrier in a different part of the house and snatches me up when I am napping! Talk about rude awakenings.

    P.S. My human took the "Highly Sensitive Person" test at the website mentioned by waterdragon687... and she is not one of them. Maybe if she were, she would be more sensitive to my feelings!

  4. I'm very glad that the vet visit wasn't too bad, and I sure hope that stress gets under control too.

  5. Aww, poor Annie. We hope your medicines hope you feel less sad and worried.

  6. Stress can be bad so we're glad Annie is getting some meds to help.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  7. Good luck! They were talking about prozac for kitties on a recent ep of Must Love Cats. I know I've heard of it being self-feeding in people, too, and know a few humans who after essentially snapping out of a bad season weaned way down or off completely.

  8. I love that Sophie just crashed out on the exam table while the doc was examining Annie. Poor Annie, I hope the meds help her anxiety.

  9. Poor little Annie, I hope the meds help her relax.

    I love that Sophie was so relaxed at the vet! So funny.

  10. Awwww hugs, hugs, hugs to Annie!! What a sweetie but oh so scared - poor sweetheart!! But look at Sophie - how chilled is she?!?! Wow!

    Glad the trip to the vet's is over now and all is ok!! Yay!! Take care

  11. Um, were you afraid of something serious or that Sophie had been a participant in an immaculate conception?

    I certainly hope the meds help Annie. It must be very hard for her that her buddies have gone away and she doesn't understand why.

  12. Oh, sweet beautiful Annie. Such big changes in her world. It's so hard to not be able to explain and comfort their sadness.

    I know she'll be okay. It takes time for those of us who understand. Maybe a little longer for those who don't.

    My heart goes out to her. She's in loving hands.

  13. Sophie snoozing on the v-e-t table while poor Annie is having a freak out is just too funny :) Poor Annie...must be so tough for her, but I have seen kitties do really well on Prozac so we'll keep fingers crossed...Gambino suggests that Annie try biting the v-e-t next time...he says it always makes him feel much better :) Auntie Hyacinths says "Sweet Annie, please ignore this advice"



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