Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Please meet Jordy Caroleson!

You may remember STScI staffer, Ann, who found homes for Spanky and Squinky. Well, her friend Carole is fostering a young man and asked us if we'd introduce him to you... she even sent us a "ready made" post!!
If you know someone looking for an only cat, Jordy may be the one for you. And Carole has updated her poster to say that Jordy isn't really long haired... more medium... and his coat is very easy to care for, not to mention shining, beautiful and very soft to the touch!

And on the Wally front:
We're so disappointed. Our boy has been nowhere to be seen around Rancho J2 the last few days, completely thwarting our weekend plans. From the relaxed behavior of the other male ferals, Joy suspects he's on walkabout again. *Sigh* But we are persistent!! Joy and Jim are determined to bring this young man in... when he deigns to grace us with his presence once again.

I am so impressed with how patient the folks at J2 are. They've had such success with the ferals from the woods behind them, and this patience has a lot to do with it. Sophie and I... well, not so much in the patience department... LOL!... we want him NOW!


  1. The folks at Rancho J2 are heroes in our most humble opinion. All three of us kitties have mums who are outside cats, although we don't know if they are 'proper' ferals. It's heartwarming to think of all the mums that they have helped :)

  2. Purrs to sweet and handsome Jordy, I sent it on Twitter. Come on Wally, it's impawtant!

  3. Come on Mr Wally!! How frustrating for you guys!

  4. We are purring and praying that Jordy finds a loving forever home of his very own real soon. He sure is a handsome dude!

    And we hope that Wally shows up again asap. Thank you to the folks at Rancho J2 -- we think they are awesome.

  5. Oh Jordy looks so sweet, and he sounds just adorable! Hope his forever family comes along quickly :)

    As for Wally, we're keeping fingers and paws crossed...come on Wally, you'll have such a blast at Casa Space Paws!

  6. We will pass the word on Jordy and still sending purrs that Wally come back.

  7. Jordy sure hope you get your forever home real soon. You look like a very nice kittie for someone to have. Wallie, get back where you belong where someone really cares about you.


  8. Awwww sweet Jordy!!! Me and Charlie hope he finds a forever home soon too!! We have everything crossed that Wally turns up soon too!! Take care

  9. We purr that Jordy gets a good home!!

    Thank you for your purrs for Mickey.
    We miss Mickey, but know he is happy at the Bridge.
    It just takes some getting used to right now.
    Purrs Georgia & Tillie,Tiger
    Treasure and JoyJoy



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