Friday, October 15, 2010

Kayla and Zimmer Update from Ali

Oh, I was so happy to see the inbox this morning! Ali called last night for a chat and said she'd send a few pics our way! Yay! So, without further ado, here are the former Aggie and Percy!

"Biker Cat": Zimmer seems to have a leather obsession. He will rub up against my purses, and when I left one of my leather jackets on the couch one day, I came back to find him rolling around inside of it and rubbing up against it.

"The Laptop-Top": Kayla loves to cuddle, but she also loves to sit on my laptop instead of my lap, sometimes. I really should get one of those software programs that blocks "cat like" typing...

"Humans Are An Excellent Heat Source": When we had the cold spell here in DC last week, the heat in my apartment building wasn't turned on...The cats wisely decided to seek out the only other heat source in the apartment. Also, out of view in this photo is the TV, but from the direction the cats are looking they apparently find "Burn Notice" episodes quite engaging...

"Peace In Our Time": After 10 months of living here, FINALLY Kayla and Zimmer can occasionally be seen sleeping near one another or engaging in mutual grooming. :)

Zimmer continues the trend begun when he was born the largest kitten in his litter, weighing in at an impressive 14 pounds. More ladylike Kayla weighs in around 9 or 10. They are spoiled cats who are wonderful companions and whose main role in life is to sit on the couch with "mommy" and cuddle and get pet all night, then follow me to bed and sleep next to me all night.

So, how do you spell lucky? Ali, Kayla and Zimmer, that's how! Great to see the guys again! Thanks, Ali!


  1. How wonderful to seen them both again! They look very happy indeed :D

  2. Great to see they are doing so well! We appreciate the update.

  3. Oh, YES!!!!!!!!!!! It was so good to see an update from Kayla/Aggie and Zimmer/Percy. Bless Ali for loving them!!!!!

  4. That is so wonderful, I actually felt their smiles!

  5. Nothing better than a reunion and seeing spoiled kitties at home. All cats deserve such spoiling. I have a soft spot for the giant-sized ones though Zimmer has a way to go to equal the size of my now waiting for a reunion with me at the Rainbow Bridge baby whose "ideal" weight was 19-20lbs. ... and was the ultimate lap cat!

  6. Love this update! They look like they are doing really well. :)

  7. Awwwww how lovely to see Zimmer and Kayla looking all grown and lovely!!! Yay!! Thank you Ali for sharing these pics and thanks Spacepaws too!!! Awwww!

    Take care

  8. Wow, Percy did get to be a big boy! Good for him!

  9. Thanks Ali!!!! It sure does my heart good to see happy (big) babies!!!



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