Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hi Folks! Remember Me?

Hi! Remember me? Sophie? Well, I'm back at the Casa again!

Nope, not just for a visit... I'm back. Everybody at my new house was really sad. Me. Mom Valerie. Big O'Sean, Little Isaiah. Everybody. Let me tell you what happened.

There was a LOT of love in my new home. I really loved Mom Valerie. And she loved me. She cried and cried when she decided it was better if I came back. O'Sean was bummed... he liked it when I slept with him and he gave the best pets. Little Isaiah loved me too. He's just two. He was always really gentle (mommy didn't even have to remind him to be gentle... ever), but he would forget that loud noises scared me. Do you know how loud a 2 year old can be???

Maybe I'm just a scaredy cat but I can't help it. So, basically any time Isaiah was up, I though it was best if I just stayed out of sight. Mom Valerie was really patient. For a whole month she tried to get Isaiah and me used to each other, but I was still scared a lot and that made her sad. She wanted me to be happy.

So Monday Mom Val called the Space Paws lady and they agreed it was better if I find a home with adults... maybe even one with bigger, quieter kids. The Space Paws lady said it was OK if I came back to the Casa instead of mom trying to find me a new home on her own.

We all said goodbye and the Space Paws lady brought me back. She said it was an auspious day. I don't know what that means. Then she said I was coming back on the same day that big Grey came to Space Paws a year ago. She even said holding me helped the sad feelings she was having remembering that it was Grey's gottcha day. (The Space Paws lady made him her own when nobody offered him a furever home, so I know I don't have anything to worry about.)

And guess what??? Winnie remembers me... or at least she likes me!! Bitty doesn't say much and I think she just wants to get to know me better. But I'm going to need to turn my charm on the other lady cats, Peggy Sue and Annie. Charm... I gots that!! See???

Ooops, gotta go! I see Winnie over there playing so I'm going to go join her. See you guys later!!

Howdy, folks... Lisa here. I want you to know it was a really difficult decision for Val to let Sophie go, but she knew Sophie wasn't happy. (When O'Sean was little they had a cat, so she had not anticipated this problem.) Some of the rescues with which I've been impressed have "foster to adopt" programs and we're looking at Sophie's time with Val in that light. She's going to keep her eyes open and we'll start looking for just the right spot for Sophie, too. Since Sophie was relaxed here, we figured it was best if she came back while we are looking. So now we're a house of six ladies (including me!)... a regular estrogen sea!

I was amazed at how well the reintroduction went. Accidentally. LOL! First Winnie zipped into Sophie's room. Some sniffing and then they had their heads in the same food bowl. Can't ask for more than that. Then Sophie bolted out of the bedroom and I figured, well, let's see. There's been some cursory hissing and avoidance from Annie and Peggy Sue, but they pretty much ignore her. And Bitty just looks at her thoughtfully. So in less than a day, we're all one big (almost) happy group again!


  1. So sorry it didn't work out but hopefully you will find the right home for Sophie!

  2. Sorry to hear that Sophie's new home didn't work out, but I know it just means there's a more perfect place for her. And of course, she's lucky to be with you int he meantime!

  3. Oh, that must have been so hard for Val. Well, good thing Sophie has you! Purrs and cuddles to you house of estrogen!

  4. This is difficult on all around but I think it will turn out for the best: Sophie will find a home in which she will be the only "little one" and Val will find a kitty that will be happy to be around Isaiah and teach him about how wonderful cats are.

  5. It sounds like it was a tough and very sad decision for everybody. But I know there is a home out there that is right for a sweet girl like Sophie.

  6. I'm so sad for Val... She obviously loved Sophie very much, enough to put her needs and happiness first.

  7. That is a wise choice for sweet Sophie. I am so happy she is back at the casa with you...and it sounds like she is quite happy too!

  8. Hi Sofie! Welcome Back! We have been behind and away for so long it is kind of nice for us to see a familiar face, even though it is under some sadness. WE know that Val must be sad to have you go - but we think it is best for you to be someplace you won't get scared. We know you loved them all a lot too, and we think it is great that tehy loved you enough to know that they needed to do what was best for you even though it made them sad.

    We are glad that you are already doing so well back at Spacepaws - it is good that it is a familiar place for you! We hope you can find a perfect forever home very soon. It is also very good that you were there to help with the sadness about Grey - we know he is very missed there (and we still miss him too). WE will cross our paws that you can find a good forever home that is more quiet soon!

  9. It must have been a terribly difficult choice for Val but it sounds like it was the best thing to do for sweet Sofie...glad that Sofie's back and has settled in happily :) Since you are all ladies at the Casa these days, I'd be happy to send Bailey Bear over for a vacation at Auntie Lisa's ;)

  10. Sorry ti hear things didn't pan out for Sophie. At least Valerie was kind enough to contact you and let you get her back. We purray that she finds a wonderful "quieter" home. Maybe...YOURS???

  11. How sad that it didn't work out....but we are purring that there will be the perfect loving home out there for Sophie....and that she will find that perfect loving home soon.


  12. I'm sorry it didn't work out but glad she's having fun back with you. I've been a bit of a lurker lately (contractor for govt so everything is ramping up right now that we have fresh budgets) but it's been great to read along.

  13. Sweet Sophie! It is sad that your home with Val and her kids didn't work out. I hope you will find the perfect forever home for you - and that they will find the right kitty for their family - soon. But you know, it sounds like you are where you are most needed right now - back at the casa, giving purrs and kittylove to Lisa
    who has such tender memories of dear Grey. Snorgles to you and your foster sister kitties!

  14. We are sorry to hear this home did not work out as planned for Sophie. What a heart-wrenching decision that must have been for Valerie. In any case, we are happy Sophie was able to come back to the Casa where she is comfortable until she finds her forever home. Glad the re-introduction is going pretty smoothly. :)

    Thank you for all that you do! And purrs and gentle nose taps about Grey . . . glad Sophie brought some much-needed joy to comfort you.

  15. oh hai sophie!

    i can't believe it's been a year since grey came home.



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