Sunday, August 1, 2010

Well, it's still the weekend!

All best intentions of a video were thwarted by three failures on upload. *sigh* But Lawrie and Bitty consented to let you see how they spent their Saturday! In case you were wondering, no the kitchen still isn't quite done. Gary had a bout with illness but he'll be back on the job tomorrow! Yay!! Besides, Lawrie has missed his buddy... the little dude not only sleeps in the paint tray, he curls up in the hat that Gary left here! :-)


  1. We're very impressed at how clean that paint tray is! (We could never sleep in one of our human's paint trays - she is messy!) And we hope you all had some cooler weather this weekend - we did, and it was a very nice break.

  2. Thanks for the very nice pictures, I enjoyed them!

  3. Hi, Lawrie and Bitty.....wonderful pics of y'all. xxxxxxx

  4. It's a brilliant way to spend a Saturday! LOL!

    take care

  5. Oh so sweet! Our paint trays are squirreled away at the moment, so no takers. But Meow Meow (whose face resembles Bitty's!) hasn't been much of a box kitty. She just likes whatever is closest to the human residents in the house, even if it's smack in the middle of a high-traffic stretch of floor!



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