Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tomorrow Tony Becomes A Responsible Mancat AND... It's the Home Stretch! $4 Squillion to Raise in ONE Day

The day has arrived! Little Tony is about to become a responsible mancat. As you know, Tony is still not exactly friendly, so Doc is keeping Tony overnight, after the scary car ride and examination, and the deed will be done in the morning. I've tried to get shots of Tony before, but he chooses dark places to hang out when I'm around, so this is the best I've got.

Give a little purr for Tony. This is one scared kitteh, who has been in a strange place for over a week and now is getting poked and prodded and snipped... even if it is for his own good... and we want him to know he's loved! Poor little Sophie already misses her big bro so extra scritches and treats it is for her tonight.

Only 1 day and $4 Squillion Dollars To Go!!
Crank it up folks!! Put the word out!! The IBKC is almost there, but without your support they won't make the $40 Squillion goal to help the kittehs of the Tacoma area! Laurie and the Butterbean are the grand ladies of foster/adoption blogs... let's support them!!


  1. Tony! We are going to purr real hard for you! It will all be ok soon!

  2. We are purring and purring for yoo Tony! Be brave and make sure yoo get lotsa treats after (it helps if yoo moan a bit ~ as if yoo are in pain ~ but don't worry 'cos it doesn't hurt).

  3. Lots of purrs and universal Light to Tony! Poor baby. We hope he's "home" soon with Sophie!

  4. We send lots of purrs to you sweet Tony, it will be OK sweetie!

  5. We are sending our mightiest purrs your way, Tony!!!!!!

  6. We are purring and praying real hard for you, Tony!



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