Monday, July 26, 2010

No video today :-(

Well, after 43 minutes of a 45 minute upload, Mr. Lawrence decided to spring from the floor in a single bound and landed... you guessed it... right in the middle of the keyboard, aborting the upload. So here's a rather grainy still of Miss Sophie exploring the first floor.

As I guessed, young Lawrie was all for meeting the stranger, but Miss Trudy went into full defense mode, chasing the usurper and generally being unfriendly. *sigh* I've got to say, Sophie was pretty fearless, and tried like heck to ignore Trudy. I tried to distract little miss jealous, but got soundly hissed at for my trouble. If I wasn't so disappointed that she was aggressively defensive about her territory, it would have been cute.

So Sophie stayed up for about an hour tonight and, despite the mixed welcome seemed to enjoy exploring and meeting new felines. Have I mentioned she is just the sweetest little thing? Very, very good tempered and friendly!

I'm working from home tomorrow so, hopefully, we can have a couple more upstairs sessions and get the babies used to one another.


  1. We'd laugh but we know that isn't funny. What a disappointment for you.

  2. Well, I have been there many times - cats + computers = some sort of problem (deleting a post, aborting an upload, marking all your feeds as read - been there!)

    But Sophie is a cutie so her picture is good for us - and it is good she is getting to explore and is at least making some friends - it just takes time!

  3. Sophie is just as cute as she can be!

  4. That would be something that would happen to our mom...we understand! Or shall we say, she understands!

  5. Ouch! How frustrating (Or, from Mr Lawrence's perspective, perhaps, well-timed! Was there anything incriminating on the tape? Maybe he was Taking Measures

    I am smitten with Sophie! I am betting she and Ms. Trudy will come to some accomodation soon



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