Wednesday, May 5, 2010

We're pleased to introduce Tango and Whiskey!

But you won't find them on the sidebar as new fosters! Why? Because STScI staffer, Joy, and her hubby, Jim, are going to adopt them!

So why are they here on Space Paws? Well, it's a bit of story ('cause adventures are what we have around here!) ;-) Tango and Whiskey's story will likely involve new fosters for Space Paws. But first, let me introduce this duo...

Here is Tango, in Joy's arms, awaiting indignities at the hands of the vet today.

And here's Whiskey, clearly saying, "Keep your distance, lady!" today at home. You'll see why...

Last year, Tango and Whiskey's mom, Lil Bit, started hanging around Rancho J2 (Joy and Jim's). Try as they might to take her in, Lil Bit evaded capture and lived in the woods behind their home. She gave birth to these sweeties, secreting them somewhere in the woods, and taught them all her tricks of avoiding human kind whilst raiding any food proffered as an inducement to come closer.

Finally, just last month, J2 were able to trap the kittens. They were about seven months old and feral. Sadly, they discovered Whiskey was almost a month pregnant, even at her tender age. J2 quarantined them and began trying to socialize the pair. Whiskey, of course, can't have shots and whatnot yet because of her pregnancy. The socializing went pretty well, so J2 decided they would adopt. (Like we are surprised... not!)

Whiskey is set to give birth any day now. The vet is concerned about Whiskey's delivery because she is so young. J2 went out and purchased a baby monitor to keep in the quarantine area in case she goes into labor when they aren't in the room!! Fortunately, Whiskey is not heavily pregnant, and we are all praying for a very small, healthy litter. She's still a bit more standoffish than her brother, but she's coming around. (Hmmm... do you think hormones running amok in her system, and maternal instinct, could be factors here?)

Tango has had his shots and is slated to become a responsible mancat next Friday. Poor thing, he's not quite over the indignity of all the poking and prodding and testing and shots yet! The vet said he seemed quite feral until she saw Joy handling Tango without a problem... and then said, "Well, maybe it's just me." (Ha! If you came at my posterior with that hard, cold thing, and repeatedly jabbed me with sharp objects on our very first meeting, I wouldn't like you much either, lady!)

J2 are very concerned about the duo's mom, Lil Bit, because she was clearly pregnant again and, just recently, must have given birth. They tried very hard to get her before delivery but she is still as cagey as ever around humans... she is obviously taking circuitous routes back to her den, wherever it may be, to throw beans off the trail (clever girl). J2 are going to redouble their efforts to find her litter and trap her, too.

Joy, Jim and their daughter, Jess, are some of the unsung heroes I've told you about here at Space Paws. They've rescued, fostered and found homes for many a kitteh over the years in the pre-blog days. Let's all send out some positive energy for this pair and wish J2 good luck in their efforts to snag Lil Bit and her new brood.

And we have more news to come... foster mom, Ann (of our recently adopted Squinky) has found another kitteh and will soon be introducing us to her newest arrival!


  1. Such a wonderful post ~ your blog just always gives me that 'good happy feeling'!

    Sending positive warm thoughts to all the foster heroes! (And to all the kitties too of course!) Love it love it!

    xo Catherine

  2. Great story! We hope the (grand)mom cat is eventually trapped. Yay for Joy, Jim and Jess!

  3. Hoping the first kitteh will be named 'foxtrot'.

  4. I'm sending out mega good vibes/Light that Lil Bit finally will be trapped and that Whiskey will be fine, babies healthy, etc. At least that's the only litter she'll have, thank goodness.

    Universal blessings to all who foster/rescue/tnr/adopt!

  5. What a GRRR-8 story! We are purraying for Whiskey and her litter. Plese, keep us updated!

  6. We are sending many many purrs for Whiskey to have a safe delivery of healthy babies. We are so glad that she and Tango are safe and warm inside.
    And we love their names! :)

  7. Total YAY for the beautiful ones and we're purring for the little litter too!

  8. Oh know I am chanting ...Good Karma Good Karma Good Karma

    Hugs to all


  9. oh yes, whiskey tango foxtrot! :D

  10. So glad that Tango and Whiskey are safe and now have a happy home...hope sweet Little Bit can be trapped and brought in as well so she won't have to worry about raising litter after litter of little ones and fending for herself out there! You SpacePaws Fosters just ROCK!

  11. Sending good thoughts for this family (human and kitteh) and extra prayers that Lil Bit will be caught and enveloped in J2's loving foster home until she can go to a forever home of her own.

  12. Wonderful story! J2, and all the other humans who look out for furry and feathery friends, should be sung for loud and long. Hoping they capture Lil' Bit soon and that both she and Whiskey will become responsible lady cats soon!

  13. Wonderful story and kitties, I love Whiskey especially, because our foster seeing eye puppy's name is Whiskey, and he just left to begin his training/evaluations, missing him! :)



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