Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thankful Thursday and Some Bits'n'Pieces

First month at TPCHS for no euthanasia of adoptable cats
It just keeps getting better. I know many of our readers frequent IBKC and Laurie wrote about the good news over at the Tacoma/Pierce County Humane Society the other day. I just heard from Sue at Pitter Pats that the great news made the local TV broadcast too!

I'm thrilled with their news, but just as thankful to be part of the adoption blog community that helped to make it happen... that's you, gentle readers!!! I'm so thankful that you all helped make the Butterbean Quarantine for kittehs a reality and that the Quarantine helped make this step forward toward the goal of being a no-kill shelter possible for the Humane Society.

A few words from Rancho J2
Please keep young Tango in your purrayers tomorrow as he goes to the vet to become a responsible mancat. Joy reports: "Tango is indeed still in a snit (after his last trip to the vet)... growls at me - swipes at me - but - I don't give up on him - I tell him in a soft voice that I love him even if he hates me... eventually - I at least get to pet his ears for a few seconds without getting torn apart. ;-)

Whiskey (our pregnant young lady) likes her belly rubbed. She makes like she is going to smack me - but as soon as I reach her belly - she lays down and stretches out."

J2 is making slow but steady progress with these two young ferals and we're sending out lots of positive energy as Tango goes for his snip and Whiskey nears her time to deliver.

We're still waiting for Spanky pictures
But in the meantime, Ann let us know a little more about the kittehs for whom she's looking for homes: "Spanky is very friendly; lets me pick him up and pet him. He's a bit greedy with the food, though, understandably. Noses away our little porch feral, Ms. Jones, a silky black cat with very dainty ways and a very shy and circumspect demeanor."

While we're greedy for pics, we understand that getting Spanky ready for adoption (and there is lots to do before he'll be ready) is top priority. After all, Ann did a bang up job of getting her last rescue Squinky ready and then, when he was, finding a wonderful furever home in record time!


  1. Tango, change the "t" in "snit" to a "p" and you will know all you need to know about tomorrow's visit.

  2. It sounds like J2 is doing a fabulous job. Socialising older ferals is such a tough, thankless job, and we thank them very much for being willing to take it on.

    Good luck at the snip shop, Tango! Our word verification is 'gedbeda'. It sounds like 'get better' with a cold! :)

  3. That sure is lots of good things going on...we will send our best purrs to Tango Oucho!

  4. Goodness ~ this just does the heart good to hear and read some of this. Warm thoughts and love to Tango!
    xo Catherine

  5. Thanks for the updates! That's great news that the shelter is going "no kill". Cheers for the adoption blogger folks!

  6. That is wonderful news about that shelter! Those kittens are SOOO cute!



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