Saturday, May 15, 2010

Thank You All... So Very Much

I want to thank everyone for the outpouring of caring for Whiskey and her babies. We were truly touched and Joy, Jim and Jess were so appreciative. No news today - I think everyone has been resting after yesterday's ordeal.

In the course of visiting today, I stopped by Milo and Alfie's blog (commenting for the first time, I think) because they'd popped over to offer their comfort yesterday. I discovered the most amazing page on their site and wanted to pass it along. It was just what I needed to read today. And perhaps it's something that will lift your spirits, too.

I've met the most amazing, wonderful, caring people through our blog (yep, that's you gentle readers!). I want to visit and post every day. I also have a full time job, am treasurer at my church, have family, friends and, of course, our fantastic fosters and staff kittehs in my life!

As we've made more and more new friends, I've found I feel guilty when I've gotten behind in reading, especially when I then discover that one of our blog buddies has experienced a crisis in their lives - I want to be there for you, as you've been here for us! I even feel guilty when I've been reading but not commenting, because you don't know I've been by. And I feel guilty when I haven't posted for a while - like I've let you down and not promoted the fosters enough.

But I'm going to take this gift that I found today to heart!! Reading that post drove home the point that not visiting every day and not posting every day does not mean you don't care about your readers and blog friends... it only means you need to find a healthy balance in your life. Henceforth, no more apologies for falling behind when life takes over. There is no behind... I'll jump in where I am and enjoy our blog friends (and I do enjoy and appreciate you, very, very much!)... and enjoy posting as events unfold here at Casa Space Paws!!

You are invited to grab this gift, too! It's called "Blogging Without Obligation." You'll see I've posted the badge in our left hand column. I managed to track down the original post ('cause I'm nerdy like that) at tartx, who offered up BWO badges and content to the public domain. Bless her! And bless everyone who has passed this idea along, along with their own take on it, to their own blog friends... like Milo and Alfie, (and before them RubyShooZ... who got it from... who got it from...)!

I'll continue to look forward to the weekends, and vacations (and, ultimately, retirement!) when I can take a couple of leisurely hours each day and check in on all of our blog friends... instead of feeling guilty now that I can't always do it everyday!

So I'll just get on with posting and visiting as much as I can in between those "luxurious days" when there is plenty of time! Winding up this ramble, let me again say how wonderful all of our readers are... everyone connected with Space Paws, and I, have been so glad you've joined this adventure of our ours! Your support and friendship have meant more than we can say!



  1. So sorry to hear about the kittens. We are glad Whiskey is recovering and that she has had excellent care.

  2. We're so glad that BWO is helpful to you. And thank you for mentioning us.

  3. We are sorry about Whiskey's kittens! But it is good she herself is ok. We send her purrs and prayers!

  4. Thank you SO much for this "blogging without obligation."

    That's exactly where I am now, struggling to keep up with 50+ blogs a day, while holding down a full-time job and being the only human in the household to manage house maintenance, groceries, life stuff, plus the 3 cats. I've been feeling like I'm on a treadmill with it, wondering how much longer I can possibly blog even 5 days a week on the cat site, when I have my personal blog too (as well as the life stuff).

    So I'm going to take this BWO and go with it!


  5. I know what you mean, sometimes it is tough to keep up. Purrsonally we don't get at all offended if someone doesn't comment back because life happens (fortunately!). We're just happy to have so many friends!!!

  6. We don't expect people to read or comment on everything posted on our blog, because we don't always read or comment. Sometimes life just gets in the way!

    We love Milo and Alfie. They are cool cats :)

  7. We don't get to visit much when Mom has early work days. We try to visit on weekends when we can. Mom used to get upset when we couldn't visit a lot, but she's better about it now. We know that a lot of our pals are busy and we don't expect them to all comment or even manage to visit all the time.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  8. Oh Baby Girl,

    I know exactly what you mean. Life gets sooo complicated that it is hard to keep up with everyone. I have my routine reading here...IBKC Meezer Tales and others...and when I don't have time....I take one of the blogs at a time and get caught up.

    You know my situation,,and there is some improvement with Mother...but that will keep for another day/post/e mail.

    Love ya

    Hugs from Houston


  9. Thanks everyone! First, for the kind words about Whiskey.

    Next... Thanks for the blogging support. The disappointment that I can't "do it all" will be a little tougher to let go of than the guilt. You see I LOVE visiting.

    Yes, Brian, I know exactly what you mean. I'm not at all offended if folks don't comment or haven't visited in a while. The blog is to promote the fosters, not for my personal edification. I sooo understand that other people have lives that do not revolve around their blog. And I keep telling others who get stressed out about visiting not to worry... just jump in where they are.

    But somehow I couldn't make the guilt go away for myself. And then I read this and the "treadmill" analogy really rang true. So I'm going to just try to do what I can and let the guilt go and figure out a way to deal with the disappointment that I'm not SuperWoman... LOL!

  10. Great idea...we found it on Fuzzy Tales..and we joined BWO too. We know how hard it is to care for lots of kitties..thanks for posting about this.

  11. We are glad that everyone is doing ok after everything that happened the other day. I was so sad afterwards - I just feel so bad for them, but it is good that at least Whiskey was able to survive.

    And I am such a huge fan fo Milo and Alfie - I love the idea of blogging without obligation but I am a dork,a nd I admit I try and visit anyone when I can. But I do feel less guilty when I don't get the chance. Milo and Alfie's mom is very smart (and she is such a sweetie too!)

    We also wanted to thank you for stopping by to wish Barney a happy birtdhay. I am going to stop by everyone eventually but wanted to stop and see if there was any Whiskey news so I thought I would just mention everything at one time!!

  12. No news yet. I haven't wanted to bother Joy, but will call her this evening!

    I know what you mean about dorky... with me it's discovering I'm not Superwoman (drat it all!) and that post really kind of gave me "permission" to let something go. The problem is that I LOVE visiting and I've come to care about the people & kittehs I've met. *sigh* But I'll strive for a good balance!


  13. I am also very happy to know that things are getting better. I agree, we were also crushed byt the latest events.

    Mom admits, she cannot do it all so she just tries to visit blogs when she can but when she cannot she just can not feel guilty... hmmm she should though huh?

    bonkie bonks for a happy Sunday and a very good week ahead

    Pierro and Rosemary

  14. Haha, thanks for the BWO link. I do pretty well with the cats, but my other blog suffers greatly and so I put it on there!

  15. I'm sure you've noticed that we've scaled back from posting daily to about three times a week -- we totally decided it was better to have balance than to burn out and then QUIT(!).

    Glad things are looking better for Whiskey.

  16. it's like you wrote this for me, lol! i've been mia for weeks now. i do have a post to make, but not the time! i just take on too much, and i've been horribly lax about the blog. and then whiskey!!! but i'm glad we're all on the same page about bwo. no more guilt!

    btw, i have some stuff to send you, so be watching out for a package. :) one of the things is hilarious, but after i bought it, i was afraid you'd already had one and blogged about it! so i looked through the archives and found nothing. so i'm crossing my fingers. and if you do already have it, pass this one along to someone else. there is some for the kitties and some for you of course! ;)



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