Friday, May 7, 2010

Squinky has a new name!

Well, his new mom IS a cultural anthropologist, you know! ;-) And Ann promptly made Squinky... errrr, Thor, a new emblem. Even better than the last one, don't you think? His new mom definitely needs to have some Thorgear made up!

Ann says she'll get us some photos of her new foster, Spanky, soon.

At Rancho J2...
... things are kind of quiet. Whiskey is doing well and Joy speculates that Sunday will be the day... not so much because it's so appropriate that it is Mother's Day, but because things will already be soooo busy! LOL!

Jess confirms that when she named the kittens Whiskey and Tango, she thought there was also a Foxtrot. Interestingly, it seems someone, who shall remain nameless, didn't get this clever little joke and I will so enjoy never letting them live that one down! (I live to torture my friends!)

And thank you everyone, from the comments and off blog, for your offers of a trap. J2 does, indeed, have a trap. However, Miz Little Bit has repeatedly demonstrated she has de skillz to avoid entrapment. Now that there are babies out there in the woods, J2 is going to need to track down her den rather than trap her (they tried until they saw she'd given birth). Tracking is easier said than done because Lil Bit is taking varied and clearly circuitous routes back to her babies. *sigh*

Back at the Casa...
...things have been really busy at work, which is why you haven't seen too much in the way of comments from me. Again. *double sigh* Tomorrow I'll try to get caught up with all of our friends. Again. And get a clip of our Grey posted for your viewing enjoyment! :-)


  1. I love the new logo! Go, Thor!

  2. Seconding the logo love. Lots of hope that Momma cat is found soon. Do you have Ally Cat Allies up in Baltimore? They were awesome in setting up our TNR program for ferals, CatNIPP.

  3. Thor the thundering hero, I love it!

  4. Great logo! Stop by our blog for the party - Yoko's is 17!

  5. SQUEEEEE...ThunderCats RAWR !!!!

    Just love it.

    Waves from Houston

  6. Love Thor, the Thundercat! Hope J2 have some success soon in catching Ms. Lil'Bit. Hmmm...maybe with the seductive power of tuna, perhaps? :-)

    Heehee...Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! Until I read about Foxtrot, I figured the names were bestowed by a pilot or air traffic controller...

  7. oooh cultural anthropologist! that's what i wanted to be.



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