Monday, May 17, 2010

Mellow Mancat Monday

This just in from the Doc! Jasper in repose. Mmmmm... so mellow!

Unlike Doc Phyllis, who is training like mad for her 100 mile mountain ride to raise funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. She's at 99% of her goal so, if you've got a couple of green papers to spare, and think this is a worthwhile cause, pop on over to her fundraising page and put Jasper's mom over the top! (And nope, she's never once asked me to plug this ride on our blog... I think it's amazing that so many people are willing to really exert themselves for a great cause... and manage to have fun... ok, maybe achy fun, doing it! Could you ride 100 miles? In the mountains, no less? Neither could I!)

Rancho J2 Quickie
Whiskey and Tango are chillin'. Our little girl is moving gingerly around her crate now, which is a very good thing. Joy says she can't wait til the meds are over so they can get down to the better business of becoming friends. It's a tad hard to get these little ferals to warm up to them when they're dosing them twice a day.


  1. Speaking ofgreen papers...If anyone has a few *more* green papers to spare, it looks like "Kittenpalooza" is close--yet not at--their fundraising goal yet, either, with about a week more to reach it, so after you head over to Doc Phyllis', I'd suggest heading over there next. :) ;)

  2. We are so happy that Whiskey and Tango are doing better...I know they feel the love!

  3. Oh my ~ I would have a hard time riding around the block let alone 100 miles up a mountain! Good for Doc Phyllis!

    So glad things are going good with Whiskey and Tango!

    xo Catherine

  4. Jasper looks VERY cosy. Good luck to Doc Phyllis!

  5. 90 Miles this saturday then taking it easy for 2 weeks before the big event! It's a good cause and we train for 3 months to get ready. Jasper helps by functioning as a heating pad...and an alarm clock unfortunately!



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