Friday, April 2, 2010

Bits and Pieces

Sue Reminds Us to Vote for Purrfect Pals Every Day

The link (& why you should do this every day) are in our right sidebar. Just go! Click on cute Myron!! It's free and you don't have to register. Until April 18th!! Purrfect Paws is running neck'n'neck for top shelter in her area and could be the recipient of many resources. Let's help!

Amy Does It Again

Mark your calendars, good folk! Our friend Amy is going to considerably lighten up Tax Day by letting us have some fun and do some good! Check out her comment-a-thon:

We'll try to remember to remind you that day... but you know us, so mark those calendars!! :-)

Sandy Reports In on Miss Lilo

Just a quicky: "Lilo is good. She snuggles all the time. She plays a game with snall box - flicks it and bats at it. She has been good. She has another funny thing she does. After poohing in litter box, she then runs back & forth thru the apartment for a few minutes. I don t know whay that s about! I'll keep you posted."

RIP Drewey

I know a lot of our gentle readers follow the IBKC. In fact many of you came to know us because of Laurie. Our thoughts and prayers are with her and Craig and Charlene. Drewey had a wonderful, long life and encouraged us all to embrace our inner crankiness! (Drew had many disciples on that score!) She will be missed!


  1. Nice post, Lisa. Thanks for the reminder about Purrfect Pals. You're the best.

  2. We were sad to see the news about the Drewster. We enjoyed the posts about her most of all, and will miss her lovely face.

  3. It is so sad about Drewey. Isn't it amazing how fond we can become of a blog friend who we have only read about. There really is so much 'good' in the world if we care to focus on it!

    I will make sure I come back and vote every day!

  4. We were sad to hear about Drewey too. Have a Hoppy Easter.

  5. We're purring that you will have a happy and blessed Easter. xxxxxxxxx

  6. So happy that Miss Lilo is settling in nicely...very sad about Poppy was definitely one of her they're both sitting up in the clouds, harrumphing away at the "Idiots" below :)

  7. Thank you Lisa and friends. We're missing our girl, but take comfort in all the nice words her fans have left. xoxox laurie



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