Monday, April 19, 2010

Harrumph! What do you mean I still have to wait?

Well, Miss Kayla, it's 'cause our friend Robin at Covered in Cathair let us know about something really neat AND there's a time constraint on it. I know you won't mind when you hear about it.

The Banfield Charitable Trust has submitted a proposal to Pepsi's Good Ideas for a $250K grant to help keep hospice patients and their pets together AND find homes for the pets when their beans pass to Rainbow Bridge.

So go... vote every day! It's free! There's a link in the right sidebar, too. This idea is currently 12th on the list. Leverage the power of the intertubes for good, good folks!! Spread the word on your own blog, too!

Here's the video that explains the program. It's long - a little over 8 minutes, so sit back with your coffee and get educated. (There is an abridged version, but it isn't quite as powerful.) And go visit Robin, who gives a great explanation about the Banfield Charitable Trust, the program, ways to promote it, and end of life issues for pet owners.

Oh, PS - I'm really behind on my visiting. Tomorrow I'm just going to read and catch up and Wednesday I'll jump in with commenting again! Whew! Life... it does get in the way of all our blog reading sometimes, doesn't it?! :-)


  1. Kayla says she thinks this is great idea. :) She would vote herself, except she's too busy sleeping on the couch, so she had her hapless human staffer do it for her. ;)

  2. You're so cute, Lisa. thanks for stopping by and for plugging my web site. I hope your readers help get the word out about Banfield! they need to win the $250K!


  3. What a wonderful, wonderful times eleventy billion idea. We will go over and vote right away.

  4. I've been voting for that terrific idea every day!

  5. A great idea indeed ~ I went over there earlier this morning ~ good stuff!

    And yes ~ there is always so many friends and blogs to catch up with in blogland! I keep telling Wayne that if he would go out and get a second job I could quit mine which would give me more time for blogging! He didn't seem to like that idea...whatever Stanley! :(

    Have a most lovely day friend!
    xo Catherine

  6. Oh, yeah! Many of our friends already knew about it!!

    Thank you one and all!!

  7. We think it's such a great cause, we vote everyday!

  8. LOL

    Oh you know where I am posting this



  9. Excellent idea! I've voted for it, and while "The Horde" can't vote (which they don't approve of) they all meow their support.

  10. Thanks for the blog post. We appreciate the good words about this important program.

  11. We have been voting every day! WE think it is such a great idea!

    WE understand about getting behind in visits too - that could actually be our name - House of CAts that get behind on visiting!

  12. Behind over here too! And I thought it would get better after tax day ...



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