Sunday, January 3, 2010

How Do You Spell Warm?

Today it was "Peggy Sue."

Oh, it wasn't cold by northern standards, but the wind was awful and, I swear, our minds do just as much to determine our comfort as our physical surroundings. Peggy Sue was a lap cat extraordinare today, helping me stay toasty. Doesn't she just radiate warmth?


  1. It's a bit chilly here...can I borrow gorgeous Miss Peggy Sue to warm me up a bit? ;)

    She is so adorable, and I love how she's snuggling in your lap!

  2. OMG...I detest cold weather, and the howling winds are just an added slap in the face (metaphor completely intended). Bring on springtime!! But in the meantime - there is no warmth like the wonderful fuzziness of a warm kitteh.

    I'm going to date myself with this but - if ROLAIDS spells Relief, then KITTEH must spell WARMTH!! :-)

  3. Peggy Sue sure does know warm and she knows comfy cozy too!

  4. LOL...I don't think Andy actually got off my lap the entire time I was on staycation. Hopefully SU will get the PC at home squared away soon.

    OOXOX to all


  5. She does indeed radiate warmth. And love.

  6. We hate cold weather and we'd all pile on Jan's lap if we could fit. She needs to turn up the heat. It's cold.

  7. Peggy Sue looks just marvelous! It's good that she's so affectionate now, because you can snuggle up together.

  8. Oh God, I just love her! I remember when she was dropped off at the farm and she wouldn't even let me pet her for the longest time. Then slowly she decided I was not so bad. Now look at her. :)



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