Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Two Balls and a Track!

Oh, our Percy had gobbs of fun with the two balls!! He's played with it night after night... to the point that I'm seriously thinking about retiring the toy for a bit, just to get some peace and quiet!

Oh, and very soon renovations will start on the den/spare bedroom suite you see in the video. It is going to become the kitchen/dining room suite. The story of the house is too long to tell here, but I have two kitchens, both circa 1950, neither of which is on the main floor! The French doors and the standard door from the living room into the space will stay and the area will still be able to be used for quarantine.

And my wonderful neighbor/contractor, has cleverly figured out how to keep a "den" in the space too!! It will be a modern kitchen, with a dishwasher, a disposal and everything!! Yes, these little things excite me after living without them for 15 years!!! Just had to share!


  1. Um...A boychik and 2 balls.....I'm gonna have to let that one go babe...

    2 Kitchens when we have a small galley style...oh the agnst

    AP ...Your Southern Sister

  2. A new kitchen! How exciting for you! That will be so wonderful ~

    Cute video of Percy ~ fun!

  3. Yeah for the new kitchen! I can't believe someone hasn't snatched up that wonderful, sweet Percy yet.

  4. Oh we are so far behind - we love all the updates and pictures from the recent past! And boy is that a cute video! We may need one of those for our house - he could be a pitchman for it!

    And you are so lucky to be getting a remodel - it will be a bit stressful for a while but I am sure it will be so worth it! Of course, my question is - won't you then have 3 kitchens?

  5. Congratulations on your soontobe new kitchen! Very exciting indeed.

  6. LOL! I won't have three kitchens for long. And Aunty, have no angst... both were galley style kitchens, with ancient appliances and fixtures. Only real plus... two fridges!

    The upstairs kitchen (put in for the aging parents of the previous owner, so they could have an "apartment" on the second floor) will be converted to a laundry/craft room.

    The kitchen in the basement will be dismantled and the appliances moved to the utility area. The newly emptied room will become a spare bedroom (or, more likely, living quarters for any moms and kittens who may join us).

  7. You got that right, wow, Percy was having a big time fur sure!!! I bet you are really looking forward to the remodeling too, 2 kitchens means 2 x food = yummy!!!

  8. That looks like SO much fun! It sounds like Percy was playing pool! And ConCats on the renovations finally getting underway!

  9. Percy looks like he's having a ball (pun intended)! He is such an adorable young man..hard to believe he was a tiny ball of orange fluff not so long ago :) I know what you mean about retiring the toy for a bit to get some peace and quiet...I made the mistake of throwing a ping pong ball in a bathtub for Bailey...kept him busy for three hours (no, really, three hours) but the noise was driving me insane ;)

    Can't wait to see the remodeled kitchen! Sounds like it'll be great!

  10. The trackball of a defunct mouse! Perfect addition to the toy. Genius move on your part :)



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