Sunday, December 6, 2009

Blogger Technical Difficulties - Disappearing Comments/Incorrect Comment Counts

Hi everyone. Just wanted to let you know that Blogger is experiencing some problems with comments disappearing and funky comment counts. This is apparently a known issue which has cropped up in the last couple of weeks. It appears to be sporadic in nature. Some of our comments have disappeared from friend's blogs. I don't know that it has happened to us but, if you notice one of yours is gone, just let me know and I'll report it. Just know I haven't deleted anyone's comments!!


  1. Yep, same thing going on over at our place. Thanks, Lisa, for helping us with our "research" into the issue ...

  2. We are having weird comment issues with blogger too - I have one that I just can't get rid of (and I had approved it like months and months ago). We aren't surprised there are issues, Blogger is goofy so often.

  3. Our secretary noticed that last week! It would say like 4 comments, then she's go check and there'd be like 15! Weird!

  4. a wonderful thing when it is working. when it's on the fritz? blahhh boooo!!! :(!)



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