Monday, November 9, 2009

Grey is getting more social (sorta)

Good news... Grey has been frequenting the living room in the evenings, lately. Another step toward being more social. While he's still pretty solitary, staking out the second shelf of the cat tree as his own, he's with the rest of us, instead of up on my bed, which is another step in the right direction.

Our boy always looks soooo serious. Somehow I think of him as the solitary barrister. ;-) Don't know why that image comes to mind.

We had a rare moment last week when Percy came up, they touched noses, and Grey did nothing but back up a few steps. Progress!! Grey hasn't been aggressive at all, but will indicate he wants to be left alone by a soft growl.

Here's the honorable one, giving me the, "Oh, really... not the flashy box again. Please cease and desist," look.

He's started doing something a bit odd, though. (Please pay no attention to the messy closet in the photo...LOL!) He'll go to the door, stretch out to his full length (up to to middle hinge) then sit down, face looking up, in the corner, for a couple of minutes. I can't figure out if he wants to go out (wrong side, fool!) or if he's putting himself in a time out for sins as yet undiscovered! :-)

Sharon, Grey's first foster mom, visited us on Friday and came bearing tons of food and treats. The gang is going to be in hog heaven for a while. Grey had a lovely pet session with her. Aggie was super jealous, though... she jumped up on the bed and tried to start something, the little twerp!

Oh, and speaking of being more socialized... the "Peggy Sue in my lap" thing was not a fluke. She has repeated the behavior almost every day! Yay!!

Tomorrow, we'll have one or two of the catch up with Gus videos Patrick and Mimi sent us!!

And thank you everyone for your wax removal tips. Once I'm done scraping up the worst of it, I'll try them out. (It's everywhere, it's everwhere!! I'm not kidding. It splashed over as far as the steps!!! I thought I'd be done cleaning up on Saturday... ha, ha, ha!).


  1. Don't you think Grey and Laurie's Drewey would make a perfect couple?? Similar coloring, similar temperament. He could watch over her in her dotage.

    As for peering into the corner, it reminds me of a cartoon from a thousand years ago (maybe Kliban?) with the caption, "Cats see things we don't". I'll vouch for that.

  2. Grey does indeed look a bit diplomatic and proper. Maybe he is British? :)

    That is funny about him and his corner. Perhaps as Sue above has said, he is seeing something you can't. Ghosts of Kitties Past perhaps? hmmm...

  3. Mr. Grey does look like he knows all the secrets of the world...and if only he could talk, he would share them with all of us. I like Catherine's suggestion - I could see Grey in one of those curly white barristers' wigs!

    About the door - if you have any sort of a draft (even just a tiny one), perhaps he is interested in sniffing it or otherwise checking it out? All those outside smells...

    And hooray for Miss Peggy Sue and her growing sociability!! Such wonderful strides she is making!

  4. Re the corner: Grey is communicating with the Mothership, getting his instructions. It's a little known cat secret that humans aren't privy to ;-)

  5. Yay for Grey!!! He's wanting to be a part of the fam!!!

  6. Grey is such a handsome kitty! And yes, I think he's British with his proper manners.

  7. We are so far behind that we haven't gotten back to the candle incident yet - but we hope it worked out ok.

    That is great that Grey is getting more social. I wish there was a picture of the nose touch with Percy - I bet it was adorable!

  8. Oh, Mr. Grey is just such a gorgeous fella...his aloofness adds an air of mystery that is irresistible to the ladies...kind of like Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice ;)

    As for staring at the corner, my Bino does that...I always thought it was because he's not the kitty in the litter but who knows, maybe he and Grey know something the rest of us don't...!

  9. I've always wondered about the expressions of cats and Grey's serious look. Grey looks like he's smiling in the upside down video and some of the extra snuggles on the porch viedo but often does seem so so so serious. Can cats change their mouth expressions or is this just a persception because they look relaxed or are enjoying pets etc. so it's an interpretation of body language that makes us think the turn of their mouths has changed? Do cats really smile when they are happy or is it an anotomical issue?

    He sure looks gorgeous in the photos and aloof! Glad he's down in the living room now.

  10. OMG..ROTF...That oh please look is pure Rumpole of the wonder Barrister comes to mind.


    Aunty Pol



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