Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Minimal Posts til Monday... Thanks for Your Patience!

Hi folks!

Well, exciting times here in B'more... my nephew is getting married this weekend! And my Dad just arrived yesterday. Silly me thought I'd have no problem slipping in enough time for posts! I now suspect I was... oh, what's that word? Wrong!

If yesterday is any indication, between work and dear old Dad, I'll be hopping for the next few days. And, since Dad's in the guest bedroom, I can't even do it at night! :-)

Sorry about that! If I do get a chance to pop something up (maybe with Dad in it???? I am an evil daughter!), I will!



  1. Enjoy the visit with your dad and the wedding. Don't worry at all about posting up to the minute things. I'm told patience is a virtue and will patiently wait for your posts.

  2. No worries about posting, we'll just sit here and look through the archives if we get withdrawal symptoms :) Enjoy your time with your dad and hope you have a lot of fun at your nephew's wedding :)

    p.s. Would be fun if you can sneak in a picture of your dad with some of the kitties :)

  3. Don't worry, we'll survive. :-)

    I hope your dad likes cats - but I guess that as he is your dad and willing to stay with you, he can't really hate them...

    So just enjoy the visit, maybe take a few cute photos and get back when there's time.

    Hmm... if we ask really nicely, maybe Patrick could send in a photo or two of Gus' leg so we can see how much fur the orange guy has grown!

  4. Enjoy the wedding! Let's hope someone stops by and decides they can't live without one of your precious charges. I'm hoping Miss Aggie will find a new home soon.

  5. Wow it sounds like you have an exciting weekend ahead! I hope you have fun! If you get the chance that is great but if not that is ok too - we all have been there!

  6. Oh Hai! I read about you on Brian's Home, and thought I'd pay you a visit!

    Well done for all the great work you do!

    Hugz and nosebumps!


  7. Indeed ~ take a break ~ you deserve it! :)

  8. By all means, take time for your family. Have a lovely wedding, and a lovely visit with your dear old dad.



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