Saturday, September 5, 2009

Gus, The Angels, Fred'n'Percy, and more!

Sorry folks, I kinda crashed last night when I got home from work. After falling asleep during cuddles yesterday evening, I decided to call it a night, so no post. Gus is doing fine... he came charging around the corner when I brought in wet food (his fav) and Amoxi (NOT his fav) both last night and this morning. This last time I had to wrap him to get the Amoxi in him, so that's very good... our little Mr. Feisty!

Today at the Vet
Fred, Percy, Gus and Winnie all went to visit Doc Andrew this morning. Fred'n'Percy for their second shots, Gus just so Doc A could see how he was doing, and Winnie for her old lady checkup (she got chronic upper respiratory issues).

Once again, not a peep out of Gus during the journey, and the boys were very quiet and seemed much more relaxed this time. Maybe it was because grandma Winnie (an honorary designation, of course!) was riding with them. She's a good influence on all the kittehs in the house! Winifred is definitely not a cranky old lady, instead she reminds me more of a kindly, patient grandmother.

Winnie shows the boys how to chill during the ride to see Doc Andrew. It seems to be working.

Whilst in the waiting room, we noticed a new addition... yes, that is water bubbling up through the sculpture. It's truly amazing the things that vets receive! Anyway, I thought it was pretty cool!

Tech Jenn took us back for the weights and measures portion of our program. She used to work for Doc Hess and confided that the price he gave us for the surgery was very reasonable for supposedly "full price" work. I couldn't believe I forgot to tell her about his generous offer to spay and neuter our critters as part of his teaching work. I will have to rectify this as soon as possible!

Our little guy has gained half a pound since Wednesday!! Yay! Gus had lost a few ounces during the surgery event but he's up to just over 5 pounds now!!

It looked like the practice had an emergency come in first thing this morning and we waited a little bit for Doc Andrew to join us. Winnie and the boys were allowed to roam, of course, but I kept Gus quiet in the carrier, and the pics of him were blurry (wrong setting, I guess) so I only got one shot of him on this trip, unfortunately.
Winnie checks on Gus (just missed a shot of her up and peeking in on him), while the boys explore.
Fred could hardly contain himself. Up down and all around for our boy. He even climbed me to get to the exam table!

After a good sniff'n'splore, the boys returned to the carrier for a little lounging. All of a sudden, Win jumped up and sniffed at the door as if to say, "Somebody's coming!" Sure enough, about 3 seconds later, Doc A arrived!

The doc pronounced the boys hale and hearty, as well as cute as the dickens, and gave them their second shots. Then Win was up. Lungs clear as always and she got a script for a new antibiotic to try to clear her sinuses - she should be feeling up to snuff soon (not that the weezies really slow her down!).
Jenn shows off Gus' good looking incision. No swelling, no redness and, best of all, Gus is leaving it alone!

Then it was time to look over our Gus. He's got just a bit of swelling in the left foot, but that's normal because he's not using it yet... which is also normal. The incision looks great, his temp and other vitals are right on and Doc Andrew declared him to be healing well. And also as cute as the dickens. Doc A once again sent us on our way without filling in the front desk on everything he'd done. I tried to beat up on him, at least for Winnie, since she's mine, but it was to no avail. I tried to convince the front desk to override their boss, but they are a disgustingly loyal bunch. (Staci, please give that man of yours a huge hug for us, OK?)

So, everyone is now home and chillin'. It's a lovely Saturday here in B'more and we've got cats in every window! LOL!

And, finally, to bring a smile to your face today, here's the next installment from Abigail's Angels that we filmed last week! Enjoy!


  1. What a wonderful happy that all's well with everyone! Doc Andrew sounds like such an awesome guy! Staci, please give him a hug from me and my crew as well :)

    By the way, Fred and Percy look so huge compared to the itty bitty Angels :) Can't believe they used to be so tiny not that long ago...the wrestling match between the two tiny balls of fluff was just the cutest thing do you guys get anything done with kittens around? I would just sit and stare all day long :)

    Hugs to all, and an extra special one for sweet little Gus! So glad that he's healing so well.

  2. I'm hopelessly in love with Gus. That's all there is to it. Hearing that he's happy and rapidly approaching A-OK status just makes my day brighter.

    The news about Fred, Percy and Winnie makes me happy, too ... and that "lounging in the carrier" shot is just too wonderful.

    Loves to them all, and special kisses to Mr. Gus.

  3. So cute and so wonderful! I'm glad to see Gus doing so well AND to see Grandma Winnie and the boys. Dr. A is definitely one of the angels who looks after animals. Bless him!

  4. Wonderful news all around!

    I'm glad that they've been vet-certified as being cute as the dickens. I kinda thought they are, but it's always good to have professional assessment. ;-)

    I hope that plenty of people in the area who are looking for a vet read this and sign up with Doc. A.

  5. Thanks for the update! Good to hear the remaining Maples are active, Miss Winnie is o.k. and Gus is on the mend.

    And thanks also for the bonus video of the wrestling, squeaking Angels -- wasn't it just a couple of days ago that they were dinky tiny spazzy sucklers?




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