Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ginny & George are reading already

And they're only three months old! Amazing! Here's a quick update from momma Jill:

We still haven't arrived on final names. The kitties keep showing new sides of themselves. For example, last night they read two entire issues of the New Yorker. They read it by flipping through all of the pages, chewing on some of them and burrowing under them. Oh yes, and running and pouncing on the magazines as well. One of them made a phone call, too. The feather was a huge hit.
Meow and thanks again.
P.S. Hope Gus is well.


  1. Oh how sweet ! Our's like the Sunday comics...or anything else we are reading at the dining room table.

  2. My pair are not too literary. I'm kind of thankful about that hehe...

  3. Wow, not only are they the most beautiful kittens ever, but they're also so smart! The New Yorker...I'm so impressed :)

  4. "Reading" The New Yorker goes on in my house as well. I finally had to hide any issue I still hoped to read before it was chewed beyond readability. At least now the magazine is available at the website.

  5. It is impossible for mom to read the newspaper! I like to lay on it when she does! Scooter(RIP) used to do that too! Maybe you should name one "Gazette" MOL

  6. We had a kitty when I was growing up who would do that - or just sit on top and flip the pages with her paw. But she was much older, so those two are very quick learners!



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