Thursday, August 6, 2009

A little George, a little Angels & some excellent news!

Two quick videos of the kittens and some good news all around!

Everyone is doing so well... the Maples go to the vet on Monday for their shots and, hopefully, Doc Andrew will clear them to meet the General Population soon. I suspect Momma Peggy Sue is way past due for some "adult" companionship. If Doc says it's OK for them to mix, I'll give the Maples the den/spare bedroom "suite" so they can have a private place when I'm not here... and get them used to living digs other than a basement ;-). Miss Aggie continues to settle in with the GP - there are still some stand offs occasionally, but for the most part, peace reigneth!

Little George loves the belly rub but got a bit distracted by the blinking light. Brandon suggested I dig out the manual and figure out how to turn the darn thing off... LOL!

And just a little more of the Angels. Listen closely and you can hear Miss Abigail purring!

Finally... great news! Cecilia G. reports that Leopoldo has found a home! Yaaaay!


  1. I've noticed the red light before. Why not cover it with some electrical tape?

  2. That George is something else, isn't he? He looked so soft and relaxed, I got a little drowzy, myself. :) What a sweet little boy to show off his belly stripes.
    And, of course, the Angels, big and small, are very sweet, as well.

  3. Oh. My. Gosh. I simply MUST snorgle that belly, immediately! Thanks for the gorgeous pics and videos, as always! And hooray, I'm so glad to hear that handsome Mr. Leopoldo, Bunny Delegate to the Hubble Space Paws Community, has found new digs! Yay!

  4. Mr. George reminds me so much of my RD, a gorgeous redhead I only got to meet when he was 9 1/2 months. He loves belly rubs and cameras too!

    What a lovely, squirmy mass of black & white kittens! Glad to hear everyone chez Hannah is doing well.

    And that's great news about Mr. Leopoldo and his new home.

  5. That Little George is something else. I had to laugh watching him as he finally gave the belly but continued to watch the blinking light. He's such a sweetie! The purring was heard. The babies are so cute. Happy Happy to heard that Leopoldo is in his new home!

  6. I am soooo happy for Leopoldo. May it be his forever home!

  7. Oh my goodness...George just melts me...he and his little striped tummy, and his little fluffy paws, and those adorable pink paw pads just melt my heart completely...sigh...I love George...wish he could come and live with us forever...

    That little pile of black and white kittens at the food buffet is just too adorable for how one was scrambling on top of the others to get a better spot...and little Miss Abigail is really an angel, what a sweet little mama!

    Last but not least, a many YAYs for sweet Leopoldo! I'm so glad he's found a new home! What a happy news!

  8. Oh, good grief--I think I just melted. Or maybe my head exploded from the cute. Either way, I have one word in regard to Mr. George and his adorable stripey belly: WANT! Such a sweet boy he is--sigh.

    Very nice to see Miss Abby and her babies so happy and content, too... and YAY! for Leopoldo finding a new home. (I loves me some kittens, but I'm rather partial to bunnies, too. :-) )



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