Sunday, August 23, 2009

Good Grief!! Has it been three days????

Sorry for the gap in posting, folks!

Lots going on over here... busy at work (after vacation, you know!), a bunch of family stuff (all good - birthdays, nephew moving to Tucson, etc.), introducing the Maples to the General Population (going well) and a bunch of catching up around the house (you know how it is - gotta do it!).

I'll have new stuff for you on Monday! Can't wait to catch you up with the Maples and Miss Aggie. In the meantime, quick'n'dirty, here are a few more meet'n'greet pics to tide you over!



  1. A nephew moving to Tucson? A warm (no pun intended; we're actually enjoying a cooler [i.e., low 90's] phase right now) welcome to him! And please remind him to check out the Southern Arizona Humane Society, 3450 N. Kelvin Blvd., just north of Fort Lowell. That's were most of our kitties came from. ;)

  2. Aww. So, did anybody love up Ms Peggy Sue while the kittens were in the limelight??

  3. Anon, I'll pass it along. He's going to be sharing digs with a friend for a while so it may be a little bit before he can explore the option!

    Caroline, Peggy Sue got tons of attention. And praise for raising such sweet babies!

  4. there no end to the cuteness? (Not that there should be, I'm just asking.) *grin*

  5. These little guys and gal are getting so big!!! So darling!

  6. They are clearly very well socialized little Maple bars. Adorable.

  7. They sure are some real cuties there! And, furry well behaved!

  8. Aww, those pics of Ginny sacked out on the shoulder of the lady in the white hooded jacket are just the most precious thing ever! (Okay, I know I say that about a lot of things to do with kittens, but those are some seriously cute pics, for sure.)



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