Thursday, August 27, 2009

Four is a Wonderful Number!

All four kids all piled into the carrier and we went on a field trip!
We stopped in on some friends and visited for a while. George pretty much made himself right at home.

After a bit of acclimation, Ginny and Percy discovered the joys of carpeted steps (much more fun to negotiate than those plain wood ones back home!)

And, it didn't take long for Fred to relax, either.

Our hostess, Jill, had been introduced to the Maples at the meet'n'greet at the 'tute, but this was hubby Peter's first opportunity to get to know them. Opposites do attract and, in this case, it was the most laid back (George) and the most adventurous (Ginny) of the siblings that just seemed right.

So, if you have two and add two, what do you get? Another wonderful foursome!
Jill and George and Peter and Ginny are now a new family! Let's wish them well as they begin their new adventure, together!!

Oh... and more good news, Jill and Peter are going to keep in touch! So stay tuned for follow up pics of George and Ginny in their wonderful new home!


  1. That's wonderful news! I can't wait to see them grow up.

    In that last photo, it looks like the kittens are asking each other: "So, what do you think? They seem nice — should we adopt them?"

  2. Awwww - what wonderful news! Congratulations Jill and Peter, I know that these little ones will be bossing you around and bringing unmatched joy into your lives for many, many years. (PS Loving Fred's version of the Monorail Cat - too cute!)

  3. Congratulations to George and Ginny! I'm so glad you have a home! I think George is a world champion player, so it'll be fun to see him grow.

  4. 2 more kitties in a loving home ~ wonderful news! Such fantastic work you do. Warmest wishes to the new family!

  5. Hooray!!! That's wonderful news :)

  6. YIPPE~YAHOOEY!!! They seem like wonderfurl servants and we're happy to hear the little ones have found a furrever hone AND furrever family!!! Best wishes to them all...

  7. Yay! Yay! Yay! I'm so glad to hear that George and Ginny have found their forever parents :-) So happy for them, but I have to say, I will miss my little George (I've been fantasizing about adopting him for weeks)! Congrats to the happy family, and Jill and Peter, please please please keep us updated :-) We've all grown to love these little Maple babies :-)

  8. OH Oh Oh ..What a wonderful way to end the week.

    Aunty Pol would do cartwheels if she could.

    HUZZAH !

  9. Oh yay - I will miss them but I am so glad that they found a good home - and together! It is so good that they will have someone with them!

  10. Jill and Peter, Ginny and George - I am so happy for the four of you! So many many years of love and happiness are ahead! Please sent a note or a picture from time to time !

  11. Wait, hold on-- ::goes to check meet-n-greet pics:: Oh good golly! That's the same lady who had Ginny napping on her shoulder, isn't it? I thought those two looked like they were meant to be together, and it seems that I was right!

    What a rush of mixed feelings--this little family was SO special to me, even though I never knew them except through pictures and videos. They helped to bring a lot of people together at a time that would have been so much more difficult for me and my own family to bear by ourselves, and I won't ever forget that. So I'm absolutely tickled pink to see Ginny and George adopted into a wonderful forever home (and hooray for going in a pair! I hope Percy and Fred get to stay together, too!) I have to admit that I'm surely going to miss seeing them on a regular basis. Sigh. Jill and Peter: I'm severely envious of your good fortune, but thank you for opening your home, and take good care of the little fuzzballs for me, okay?

  12. Lisa, I actually got a bit misty eyed.. but in a good way! Oh happy day! You've done an incredible thing.


  13. Everybody... I know our new family are feeling all of your good wishes!!! Thanks for sending them!

    Waterdragon, yes it is the same lady... good eye! And know you and your family were important to our little community here, too. You, Sundown and Kitty Chair blessed us with sharing.

    And Sue, it was a group effort! (And congratulations on your successful launch, just the day before!!) Thanks to everyone at the 'tute who provided support, in sooooo many ways! But our work isn't done. Two more and momma to go!



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