Thursday, July 23, 2009

We have a big surprise for you... Meet Miss Abigail and her Angels!

This young beauty is Miss Abigail. Sonia and Monica found her, pregnant, on their farm, about a month ago. We've been keeping the surprise until, you guessed it, Abigail gave birth.

Abigail is a very tiny, young lady - probably not more than a year old. She was so big with babies that a month ago we thought she was a week or so away from delivery. Ummmm... we were wrong! Guess why!

Sonia and Monica are sisters, by the way. Their properties, and that of their parents, adjoin. Unfortunately, dumping of unwanted animals in the countryside continues... Monica related that Miss Abigail is very well socialized and very likely had a home at one time. Since you, our gentle readers, can do simple math, you'll realize that Sonia & Monica have found three pregnant kitties in three months. How sad that so many people have so little regard for their pets!

Luckily, Sonia, Monica and Hannah, Monica's daughter, have very big hearts! Just so you know, they spay/neuter every animal that finds its way onto their farm. Females who are already pregnant, of course, are spayed after rearing their litters. Hannah, has volunteered to be the foster mom for this young family and she's going to send pictures and reports to us! Now take a deep breath and meet Abigail's children!

If you guessed this pic was taken right after they were born, you'd be soooo right! Monica reports, "Well, yesterday (7/22) was a big day. Abigail, the cat that Hannah is fostering, became the proud mother of six kittens...yes I did say six!!!! They all seem to be healthy and all are very similar in color. I think we are going to have a difficult time telling them apart for a while."

Hannah is fostering Abigail in her room and had made up several cozy spots for Abby to choose from for birthing. Abigail, however, had other ideas. She chose the teeniest little spot, between two bookcases, right on the hardwood floor to start giving birth. Labor commenced a bit before 9 am on Wednesday. Fortunately, Aunt Sonia was just leaving for the Institute when Hannah wisely called her to assist in the midwifery duties. Sonia has a bit of experience in this department. As the babies were born and cleaned, they were gently transferred to a warm, dry box.

Abigail giving birth. Aunt Sonia does midwife duty, Hannah gently transfers the babies and Monica serves as photojournalist!

Abigail gave birth to 3 kittens and then it was several hours before she gave birth to number four. At that point Miss Abigail was so tired she didn't even sever the umbilical cord and looked like she was going to fall asleep. After a bit of time had passed and she still looked exhausted, the midwife trio began to worry that something might be wrong. They prepared the little family for a run to the vet. They were almost out of the house, when along came number five and, by 3 pm, number six. Miss Abigail perked up and finished her birthing ministrations. All she needed was a little rest!

The next post is pics of the newborns... no narration needed!! :-)


  1. lol, omg, when i was reading this, instead of saying "holy cow" or "holy crap," i absent-mindedly uttered "holy cat."

    but yay for sweet abigail and her plentiful litter!!! can't wait to see more! :D

  2. So unfortunate that kitties like Abigail are left to fend for themselves.

    And SO FORTUNATE that she found her way to Sonia, Monica and Hannah.

    I believe that they can often sense where they will be safe.

  3. Oh what a beautiful Mom...she looks absolutely adorable, and those itty bitty newborn kittens are just irresistible! I'm so happy that Abigail managed to find herself such a wonderful foster Mom and foster Aunts :)

  4. What sweet babies and such a pretty mom! We're very glad that they found a safe foster home and are being taken care of!

    Charlemagne and Tamar

  5. Shame on those people who don't spay or neuter their pets and then who will abandon them when they are pregnant. It's incomprehensible to be. Aren't we at all civilized as a society yet!??!?

    Anyway, major props to Sonia and Monica for their caring and generousity. Best of hope to Abigal and her kittens. They all look beautiful.

  6. Thank you all for the good wishes and believe me my daughter is pampering these babies and their mommy. She only allows positive thinking and talk when we are in the same room with them. On occasion I would mention how heartless someone must be to abandon such precious pets but she will remind me....ONLY POSITIVE THOUGHTS!!! It's so hard sometimes. But we have beautiful kittens that we can't help smile and laugh when we are with them.


  7. I love Hannah's outlook. She's a very wise young lady.

  8. Sue, I believe you are so correct in saying that creatures like Abigail sense where they will be safe. As I sit here and think about past experiences, it verifies this over and over again. Also, thank you for recognizing Hannah for being a very wise young lady. She is a very young wise ole'soul. I can only imagine all the lives she will save and many hearts she will make smile in her future! Hugs to all for your kind wishes. It is so very comforting to know we have your support, to follow us in our journey to help and find loving homes for these four legged creatures who so much want to be loved. sonia ;)

  9. Wow these are some wonderful people to take care of all these animals they find! It is so nice to know that for every person who has such little regard for their animals that they would just dump them there is another wonderful person who will help them out! These kittens are going to have a great start in such a wonderful home!



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