Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Fifth Week Birthday!

I can't believe they're five weeks old already! Impossible! Today the kittens tried to climb my back for the first time, while I sat in the courtyard with them. For some reason I thought Bitty's kittens tried it a bit earlier - I'll have to research that!

For the first four weeks, I weighed the kittens daily. They're all over a pound now, so I think we'll slow down on the weigh ins. Nobody really likes them. The kittens have slowly outgrown the scale platform. I've been using the piece of cardboard on it for a couple of weeks now... not glamorous, but it works! Speaking of glamorous, it's funny, I don't notice it at all when I'm with them, but watching the videos, all I can see is the beat up paneling... LOL! It is 59 yrs old... and in the basement, but I don't want to spiff it up until the kittens are gone. Can't imagine varnish fumes would be good for them. :-)

Today the tallies are: Ginny - 17.1, George - 20.4, Fred - 20.6 and Percy - 21.3. I'd be a little worried Ginny is so much lighter, but she's still 1.1 oz ahead of "normal" for their age. Here's yesterday's weigh in. Either I weighed Percy today just after a meal, or that 20.4 oz yesterday was not an accurate reading!


  1. Lisa,
    You made me laugh so early this morning! I know that was not easy. Their little legs were all over the place. I did hear the first little hiss from Percy too!

  2. This is absolutely hilarious. I enjoyed myself thoroughly, watching the goings on. Quite a lot of traffic around the scale. And, I heard that funny little his from Percy, too! What a treat.

  3. Ginny is such a darling, the sweetest face :)

  4. I love that Peggy Sue was in there overseeing the whole process. Kitten hisses are the cutest! I love you, Peggy Sue!

  5. Awww! These little ones are thriving under your wonderful care. And I did hear Mr. Percy's expression of, um, dissatisfaction regarding the weigh-ins. Too adorable! Thank you for sharing!

  6. I'm laughing myself silly! It may not be the greatest peace of film art ever made, but very cute and funny. You make a really good commentator!
    Usually I turn the sound off when watching YouTube - for yours, I turn the sound on. :)

    Of course kitten sounds are great, too: Now I heard a meow and a hiss and in the very end I think somebody is purring (miss Ginny?).

    BTW, could you weigh them in a bowl? Zero the scales after putting on the bowl and then put each kitten in the bowl? Or even just weigh the bowl first and then subtract?

  7. We use a square plastic tupperware and zero out the scale. We would NEVER be able to manage weighing kittens without it! We've managed to successfully stuff 4+ lb kittens into the container to get weights!

  8. Hi guys, glad you liked it... hard to do a "bad" video with such cute stars!

    A true duhhh moment. Thanks 50K & Mari, I'll pick up the tupperware tonight! Although there's a silver lining to terminal denseness... the clip wouldn't have been as slapstick if I'd been thinking! ;-)


  9. Oh, that is so cute - and a lot of work! When we got Virgil at 4 weeks old, I tried for about a week to weigh him and gave up after that. I didn't even try with Barney after the Virgil difficulties. We tried the tuperware thing too - but Virgil would just tip it over and get out. I can't imagine with 4. We finally just decided that since they were going to the vet regularly at first they can get weighed at that time (they are just so squirmy and well, escape-y).

  10. This was just too funny! Love watching these kitten videos every day before starting my (ugh) real work :) The weigh-in was just hilarious, lots of squirming kittens and feet all over the place and cardboard toppling over and oh, of course, the hiss, the tiny little hiss just cracked me up!

    Happy Fifth Week, little ones :)

  11. Haha. They are too cute. So much energy in those little bodies, and obviously Peggy Sue is keeping them well nourished!

  12. hee! Love all the kitties in front of the camera. Don't apologize! Where was Fred going- what was to the left of the scale/camera? Oh, just an empty bucket? They were SO curious.. Ginny in the basket was adorable.

    Herding cats, eh!



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