Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Quick "We're back on the Air"

Hi folks! Thanks for your patience. And your kind wishes. They were very much appreciated.

I just got back a bit ago and, after saying hi to all the fuzzy ones (So much so they were squirming to go... Shelly had given them lots of love... I was the only one starving for attention!!) I grabbed the camera and, lo and behold, Shelly had taken a pic on the day the kittens opened their eyes. This is the little girl and orange boy #2. Below that is a shot of nursing... can you believe how big they are????

Shelly kept a weigh in, too! They're 1/3 again as big as when I left. Buff boy leads the pack at 9 oz this morning!

Anyway, here are these two and, tomorrow, after some good rest, I promise more of our wide eyed babies and an update on Miss Aggie!



  1. First, huge thanks to Shelly for being such a conscientious catsitter, photos and everything!

    Either these babies are huge or Peggy Sue is a petite ladey - they really are growing while you watch, aren't they?

  2. Welcome back Lisa! and yes, a big hugew thank you to Shelly for taking such great care of all the Critters. I know Aggie was a hand full too! Hugs and pats to all! What a cute little picture of the two little ones together with their eyes open. We are very excited to see new pictures. Peggy Sue is a petite little girl. The babies do look huge! For a little momma, she must be giving the little ones plenty of milk and extra lovins! Thank you again to everyone !!!

  3. Wow the nursing picture really shows how much they have grown!

  4. Peggy and the piggies! Love it!

  5. Welcome back Lisa :) Thanks to Shelly for taking such great care of them (and for the photo of the little ones with eyes open) and thank you for posting these pictures :) What a great way to start my Monday :)

    Oh, and the little ones have grown so much! Love the nursing picture, so cute, especially since the second one from the left seems a bit squished :)

  6. My gosh, they are getting so BIG!!

  7. I am sitting here laughing at myself because I thought the baby all the way to the right had a huge tail and then realized it is Mommy's tail. Whoa....still laughing...



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