Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Previous Adventures: Bitty's Brood - The Mass Meet & Greet

On August 16th, 2007, we brought the 5 week old kittens (all 7 of them!) to the Institute to meet their fans. So many folks had provided moral and financial support and were anxious to be introduced. Several folks had already expressed the desire to become forever parents and this was their first live meeting. The day wasn't just fun... by the time we packed the little tykes up to head back home, every one of them was spoken for!


  1. That last picture just kills me - such a sweet looking kitty!

  2. :-)
    That was Manny, Moe or Jack... the "triplets." Unless I was close up, I couldn't tell which was which! And I sure can't from the pic!

    Bitty turned out 7 sweeties... they were all wonderful kittens!



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