Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Digs for the Maples

In the wee hours this morning I was finally able to persuade Miss Peggy Sue to give up her birthing box (the pics with the teal towel as bedding). She really did NOT want to leave it. Neither did the kittens and they wailed when moved. Although there was almost no blood evident, and the bedding seemed dry, we all know birthing is a messy business... and sure enough, the lower layers of the bedding and the box itself were soaked.

Now everyone is warm and dry. This is the "double wide" that will be the Maples home until the kittens are big enough to scale the walls (2 boxes hooked together). This roomy setup worked well for Miss Bitty and her brood. The Maples are still under the tented table and I left the lid on one side of the box to give it even more of that "protected" ambiance! ;-)

The kittens ate from the time they were born until this afternoon! I weighed them after birth and they ranged from 3.0 to 3.4 oz. This evening they weighed in from 3.2 to 3.7 oz. Guess who is the little one?

Now guess what Momma is getting ready to do!

I took my cue from Momma and checked them out while they were getting weighed last night. And again this evening. Looks like we've got three boys and a little girl. I think... LOL!


  1. What a perfectly lovely family. Looks like three orangies and a buff!?

    Smooches for them all. And Aggie, of course. How's she doing?

  2. Cute..Cute...Cute I keep thinking "how did she have such big healthy babies?" She is so tiny and petite. She looks so peaceful. I am guessing the little one is the girl....just like Mommy...tiny and petite.

  3. love the doublewide idea! what sweeeet little babies and likewise for our Peggy Sue.
    I might venture to say that one of the little boys might be the smallest. do you think the little buff is a girl? and in picture 2, i think she's getting ready to give them a bath....but wait, she looks mightly comfy and sleepy eyed.

  4. Yep, we have 3 oranges and a buff. The little girl is orange has more white than the other two, particularly on her underside. You're right, Monica, it's the little girl who is the tiniest of the bunch.

    And yes, momma is getting ready to give a nether region wash. The little guys are pooping up a storm. Bitty used to eat (yech!) the poop but Peggy Sue doesn't seem to do that as much, so I'll be changing bedding a little more frequently. The washer is going to get a good workout!

  5. So sweet! It's so hard to believe they only weigh 3 oz or so. Pictures are so deceiving that way. I'm so glad that the Maples are doing okay.

  6. So cute! Love their "double wide" home :) Peggy Sue seems to be such a wonderful mom and the kitties are just too cute.



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