Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Last of The Birthing Box Images

I know we've already moved on to the new digs, but I figured I'd slip these in. I almost didn't post this "dinner time" snippet of video... until I noticed there's a little something extra on Mom's plate. It was tasty, later, I'm sure!

It totally cracks me up the way the kittens scramble over each other to eat! There are actually three bodies in that pile. All you can see of little sis is her leg, draped over her brother's neck.



  1. Uh-oh Peggy Sue!! Don't nibble on that little stripe-ed worm in your food dish! How cute!

    She looks blissed out. What a wonderful mommy. I'll say that a jillion more times, I'm sure.

    Lisa and all who have a part in it, thanks for taking such good care of them.

  2. i'm sure peggy sue did not know that kitten tail was on the menu this evening.... i'm laughin out loud.... glad you posted that one... that's one of those laugh until you cry laughs..... thank u.....

  3. "Dinner Time" is a perfect caption for the little clip. :-)

    It is lovely that you are willing to share these moments with us - I've never dealt with cats and kittens other than fed and watered adult cats while their owners are away, so these are all new insights.

    Besides, the orangey brood is dressed to kill, they are so adorable!

  4. This was so cute...thanks for posting the video :) Glad that Peggy Sue didn't munch on the kitten tail by mistake :) Love all the pictures, and the videos, and the updates.

  5. This is adorable! Sometimes Mother just knows,
    when to chomp and when not!

  6. What sweet new babies! Thank you for sharing the happy pictures - our momma sure likes them and we do, too!

    Charlemagne and Tamar

  7. Oh, they are so cute in that pile!



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