Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Name Those Babies!

Space Paws has formed a pack to walk, on April 17th, to raise funds for the MD SPCA!! Frankie's mom, Judy, is our pack leader and came up with this great idea (Frankie, aka Emmett, was from Bitty's Brood).

We know discretionary green papers are often slim these days and there are many worthy causes. Any amount you might be able to contribute... whether it be $5 or $500 would be so very much appreciated. For us, this is as much about showing community concern for the welfare of critters as it is about the amount raised!


As a little fun for our readers, we stole an idea straight from such illustrious folk as the IBKC and Love & Hisses! We figure we're not above hawking naming rights for a good cause either!

Anyone who contributes to the walk, in any amount, gets a chance to name one of our new foster family! It will be a random drawing and we'll announce the winners the day after the walk!


  • Make a donation, of any amount, to the MD SPCA 2011 March for the Animals for the Space Paws Pack.
  • You MUST list a name YOU will recognize on the honor roll when you donate. It does not need to be your real name (but it can be, if you wish!). For instance, I could donate as HubbleSpacePaws.
  • We'll draw randomly from all the contributors and, when we announce the winners, we'll invite you to email us.
  • You do NOT need to show the amount of your contribution.
  • There are four chances to win - one for each of the babies.
  • Who gets to name which baby? We'll ask the winners to submit name suggestions for each of the babies and we'll choose from among them. (Hey, we get to have some fun, too!)

First disclaimer, to protect the Institute: Neither Space Paws, the Space Paws Pack, nor this raffle are sponsored by STScI or AURA, Inc. These projects are solely staff initiatives.

Second disclaimer: This raffle is intended to be low-key and just for fun and, as such, Space Paws reserves all rights regarding decisions in administering it.


Little Girl

Big Girl

Little Boy

Big Boy

Just 'cause these babies are so darn cute! But I may be biased!

Big Girl: I can get out of here... just a little more, a little more!

Little Girl: NO! The stupid towel does not make this any more fun! It's cold out here! Moooooommmmm!

Little Boy: Mommy is right over theeeere.... I see you mommy...

Big Boy: What's all the fuss about? Aren't I handsome? My adoring fans love me!

Momma, slinking away from the box. Mom and babies were mashed in the very back of the box and she's starting to push out the wall we cut down for entry. Repairs tomorrow!

And tomorrow, more from Rancho J2!


  1. Oh, those babies are so darling!! I might just try to scrape together a donation!

    Those little tortie girls are just killing me.

  2. Awwww ... those babies are so adorable.

  3. Love the contest! Oh, and such cute kittens!

  4. Clearly Big Boy is the most self-possessed. They are cute! A double dose of torties, how lucky is that.

  5. I think I'm in love with the little girl.. it's her peachy paws! Of course, I have a weakness for dark boys as well... and the other girl.. gadzooks, I'm in love with them all!

  6. Oh you know I am also posting this on dah bloggy....and donating cuse that's how we roll here at the Casa.

    They all make my heart melt.

    Hugs to all

  7. Update: We just donated and they are up to 122K


  8. I will make a donation tomorrow because I never get to name kitties but I need to let my credit card cool down (iPad!!!!!).

    Is it me or do those kitties have the biggest schnozzes evah?

    And I hope you are doing well!



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